May is Pelvic Pain Awareness Month.  What is pelvic pain you ask?  Pelvic pain is pain in the pelvis, anterior abdominal wall, low back, buttocks or pelvic floor of at least 6 months duration that is serious enough to cause disability or lead to medical care.  Both men...

Physical therapists have the ability to greatly improve pain, muscle dysfunction, poor movement patterns, and improve patients’ every-day lives.  Physical therapists unfortunately do not have magical powers to heal though.  Due to this lack, there are a few things that...

By now 2018 is well under way.  For some of you those New Year’s resolutions are already forgotten.  Those of you who put in a valiant effort may begin to waver by Valentine’s Day with all its emphasis on sweets. So, DO NOT DESPAIR!

Your gentle reminder is here!  It’s...

December 15, 2017

“I am not my MRI”.  I have found myself telling this to patients so often, it has started to feel like a mantra of sorts.  It seems to be a similar scenario each time.  A patient has a minor injury, but it has been nagging for a while.  They see the doctor, who then or...

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a general term used to describe treatments primarily of incontinence, but may also include any pain of the low back, pelvis area or hips and any dysfunction dealing with pre or post childbirth, bowel or bladder or sexual dysfunction, or...

  As physical therapists, we witness how “bad posture” is a common complaint and characteristic among our patients. Even if patients come in for different reasons, they frequently benefit from posture correction in order to avoid pain, or re-injury.  During treatment,...

September 20, 2017

It is not uncommon to hear complaints of buttock and hip pain. Weekend warriors, sedentary office workers, and even elite athletes can at some point experience buttock and hip pain. Often, we find that the individual has simply overdone an activity or modified their ex...

I get questions all time from patients who wonder whether it is better to apply heat or ice. The general rule of thumb is to apply some type of moist heat if the area is simply "dull", "stiff", "sore" or "aching" (for example, when you increase your running distance/wo...

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