Is yoga a good exercise? Should I be doing Yoga to stretch more? Can I do yoga?

These are some of the questions I get from patients that have heard about yoga and its benefits. And, just like in many other instances the answer might not be a clear yes or no, but an “it...

            As much as we all expect that our physical therapy visit will include some type of exercise, it is also important that your ADL’s or “Activities of Daily Living” are addressed.  You can be the most consisten...


Well, obviously, we all need to keep breathing…but why is this an important part of physical therapy treatment?  From a physiological standpoint, we all require the intake of air to fully fill our lungs with oxygen, to expand our diaphragm (the big domed...

Physical therapists have the ability to greatly improve pain, muscle dysfunction, poor movement patterns, and improve patients’ every-day lives.  Physical therapists unfortunately do not have magical powers to heal though.  Due to this lack, there are a few things that...

By now 2018 is well under way.  For some of you those New Year’s resolutions are already forgotten.  Those of you who put in a valiant effort may begin to waver by Valentine’s Day with all its emphasis on sweets. So, DO NOT DESPAIR!

Your gentle reminder is here!  It’s...

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a general term used to describe treatments primarily of incontinence, but may also include any pain of the low back, pelvis area or hips and any dysfunction dealing with pre or post childbirth, bowel or bladder or sexual dysfunction, or...

  As physical therapists, we witness how “bad posture” is a common complaint and characteristic among our patients. Even if patients come in for different reasons, they frequently benefit from posture correction in order to avoid pain, or re-injury.  During treatment,...

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