As much as we all expect that our physical therapy visit will include some type of exercise, it is also important that your ADL’s or “Activities of Daily Living” are addressed.  You can be the most consisten...


Well, obviously, we all need to keep breathing…but why is this an important part of physical therapy treatment?  From a physiological standpoint, we all require the intake of air to fully fill our lungs with oxygen, to expand our diaphragm (the big domed...

What is “Mindfulness” in Physical Therapy?   

     How does the concept of “mindfulness” factor into physical therapy?  I use the concept to help patients focus on becoming conscious of changes in their posture or function and help them to better integrate movement...

May is Pelvic Pain Awareness Month.  What is pelvic pain you ask?  Pelvic pain is pain in the pelvis, anterior abdominal wall, low back, buttocks or pelvic floor of at least 6 months duration that is serious enough to cause disability or lead to medical care.  Both men...

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June 17, 2020

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