Summer is the season for family vacations, and nothing says aches and pains like carrying luggage, sitting in cars or planes, and sleeping in hotel beds.  The last thing you want on a vacation you have been planning for months, to make memories with your family, is an...

Recently there has been a large boom in the physical therapy field, and I am sure you have probably noticed a number of PT clinics popping up in your area.  Unfortunately, not all of these clinics are looking out for the best interests of their patients, and can give t...

Should I stretch before or after I exercise?  This is a question that physical therapists get almost every day, and the reason is that the answer is somewhat confusing.  In order to answer the question, it is important to know what type of exercise is going to be perfo...

Arthritis is an inflammatory process that attacks the joints of the body.  There are many different types of arthritis, some more severe than others, but most of the forms have a few symptoms in common including: joint pain, swelling and stiffness.  Arthritis can be ve...

Three Quick Ways to Improve Your Running

Jogging and running is one of the most popular activities in the world, and is on the rise.  In the Unites States in 2016, 64 million people went running or jogging.  There are many reasons why it is such a popular activity.  Run...

Physical therapists have the ability to greatly improve pain, muscle dysfunction, poor movement patterns, and improve patients’ every-day lives.  Physical therapists unfortunately do not have magical powers to heal though.  Due to this lack, there are a few things that...

It is no secret that stress is an epidemic in America today.  People are met with any number of stressors throughout a day, whether they be traffic on their daily commute, worrying about financials, worrying about health issues, or just not having enough time in a day....

December 15, 2017

“I am not my MRI”.  I have found myself telling this to patients so often, it has started to feel like a mantra of sorts.  It seems to be a similar scenario each time.  A patient has a minor injury, but it has been nagging for a while.  They see the doctor, who then or...

November 28, 2017

Throughout my years as a Physical Therapist, I have noticed that there are many opinions and misconceptions about the field as a whole. Now, if I were to write about each point, this might look more like a novel than a blog post, instead, I am going to just address thr...

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